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Soy Protein Isolate

World Food Processing’s recent acquisition of Kerry Flavors and Ingredients Soy Protein Isolates facility in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, continues to add to the World Food Processing Ingredient division. We are very fortunate to be able to adopt a facility that has made many enhancements to the production system.

World Food Turtle Lake soy protein isolates continues the use of the PURIS system and the closed loop vertically integrated system that assures the status of Non-GMO and Organic ingredients. World Food Organic and Non-GMO Soy Protein Isolates are produced using Hexane-Free extraction plants.  World Food also offers conventional IP/Non-GMO Soy Protein Isolates. The purest and most refined form of soy protein, “soy protein isolate” (SPI)  is the dry protein powder ingredient that is extracted, or isolated, from the remaining hull and oil of the soybean.

Pictured: Sheldon Olson, World Food Processing
Turtle Lake Dryer Operator

Soy protein isolates look similar to soy flour. Our conventional SPI is low in fat content, cholesterol free and contains a minimum of 90% protein and is completely gluten free. What’s more, our SPI possess enhanced nutritional value and improved flavor and offer prolonged shelf life. 

These characteristics make SPI a desirable product for the food industry where it is commonly used in protein and energy bars, breakfast cereals, various processed meats and meat alternatives for improvement in taste and texture, and also in a number of muscle gain supplements in the fitness industry. You are likely to find SPI in nearly every aisle in your local grocery store.

World Food Turtle Lake offers an extensive line of Soy Protein Isolates. These varieties are all formulated for ideal usage in their particular end use. Our lines consist of Conventional IP/Non-GMO varieties (90% Protein), Non-GMO and Organic (hexane free) varieties (>80% Protein), and Non-GMO and Organic (hexane free) varieties (>72% Protein).

World Food Turtle Lake is a complete liquid and spray drying plant. Through this process World Food will be able to offer not only Protein Isolates but also soymilk slurry. This soymilk slurry is as always Non-GMO and Organic and completely traceable through the utilization of the PURIS system.

If you are interested in purchasing IP/Non-GMO SPI (90%), Non-GMO and Organic Hexane Free (>80% protein) or Non-GMO and Organic Hexane Free (>72%), please click product request form button and fill out the form. A member of the World Food Ingredients team will contact you promptly.


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