Fine Soy Powders - NON-GMO & Organic Plant Proteins - Vertically Integrated from Seed to Solution
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Fine Soy Powders

Fine Soy Powder (FSP) from World Food Ingredients – a division of World Food Processing – is the product of a refined process and patented technology that is made into a Non-GMO and Organic full-fiber gluten free soybean powder. The World Food Processing standard of Non-GMO and/or Organic soybeans provides the ingredient for our milling process. By only allowing Non-GMO and/or Organic soybeans in our state-of-the-art facilities we can maintain the purity of our ingredients through our commitment to the PURIS system where we supply 99.99% seed stock to our producers. We are proud to offer the purest Non-GMO and Organic ingredients, using our traceability and identity preserve system that confirms the status of the ingredients from genetics to finished foods. World Food Processing is committed to the PURIS system.

World Food Ingredients produces Fine Soybean Powder “FSP” in a broad range of mesh powders with varying levels of protein, dispensability and trypsin inhibitor activity levels. The powder can be produced in a range of sizes from 100- to 1,000-mesh and is recognized as the finest powder commercially available in the world today. All WFI soy powders are 100% gluten free, Full-Fiber, Full-Fat, Non-GMO and/or Organic and perfect for soy food processing.

Full-Fiber, Full-Fat means using the entire nutritional content of a soybean. What differentiates FSP from many other ingredients is that it’s a complete ingredient that holds the full nutritional value of a soybean. Most soy food processes separate the fiber (Okara) and the protein, leaving a high degree of by-product that is missing some of the most important nutritional content the soybean provides. FSP has no by-product and uses the entire soybean.

Soybeans contain 8 essential amino acids, are completely gluten free and are the most powerful plant protein in the world. Unique and complex flavor extraction and an extra fine milling system create a powder that possesses improved processing characteristics, enhanced nutritional value and improved flavor and shelf life. The smaller mesh size imparts a desirable and highly soluble food-processing characteristic that increases the functionality and ease of use in numerous applications.

FSP has lead to many new discoveries in the development of soy products and formulations for World Food Ingredients. These include; Full-Fiber SoyMILK, Instant tofu, Organic Bratos, Organic Valley Soy creamer, World Food Processing Full-Fiber Soy Frozen Dessert, World Food Processing Full-Fiber detoxifying relaxation drink.

Our process is a proprietary food and dietary supplement grade powder system that adheres to all “Good Manufacturing Processes” required by the United States government. All unit operations run according to written standard operating procedures, and daily operating and sanitation logs are maintained to ensure the wholesomeness and integrity and purity of all World Food Processing powders.

We currently have four varieties of Full-Fiber FSP. These varieties range from non-heat treated enzyme active powder used to make tofu and fully heat treated enzyme inactive powder ready for instant uses. 

If you are interested in any variety of Full-Fiber FIne Soybean Powder, please click on the product request form button below and a member of the World Food Processing Ingredient division will contact you promptly. 


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