Corn - NON-GMO & Organic Plant Proteins - Vertically Integrated from Seed to Solution
World Food Processing


Non-GMO and
Organic Hybrid Corn

World Food Processing has dedicated extensive genetic research and development to offer producers another option in the corn seed industry. Since 1997, World Food has used some of the most advance technologies and discoveries in order to develop a hybrid line of Non-GMO and Organic corn. World Food researchers and geneticists make over 30,000 crosses a year, continually advancing the growing genetic bank. 

         With the growing concern in today’s food and feed supply chain for food safety and security, Non-GMO and Organic livestock feed and food ingredients are a necessity. Our goal since the inception of our corn-breeding program was to develop a Non-GMO and Organic hybrid that can compete with the GMO corn industry and offer an economical solution for the producer as well as the Non-GMO and Organic livestock feed and food supplier.

If you are interested in purchasing Non-GMO and Organic Hybrid Corn, please fill out the product request form and a member of the World Food Processing staff will be in touch with you shortly.



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