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"The World Food System" Product Line

World Food Processing’s commitment to the PURIS system represents purity and the choice for our customers. We believe all consumers should know what their food is, where their food is from, and where their food goes during the conditioning, processing and conversion phases. Our identity preserve system allows us to trace our products from one seed to the plant based food solution.

In all crop production, crop rotation and soil quality is essential. World Food Processing offers legume seeds in soybeans, yellow field peas and other pulses. Dry field peas are 100% GMO free and are the perfect answer to depleting and low nutrient soil through their nitrogen fixating properties. Dry field peas are also great for double cropping in certain production areas where we grow peas before your summer crop! True innovation in cover crops. 

We are always looking to rally growers, makers and eaters around a plant based food future. We are here to provide  the system to propel a non-GMO and organic plant based food system that is available and scaleable for all. If you are interested in joining our system click here for a product request form.

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