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Non-GMO and Organic Soybeans

FTE identified early in its genetic program that one of the weaknesses of the GMO companies is that they need varieties that work over a multi-state area. A variety that performs in a small microenvironment will be replaced with a lower yielding widely adapted variety. Why? When conditioning, GMO companies need to condition thousands to millions of units to maximize the seed plant production efficiencies. This is problematic, as many microenvironments exist from state to state. FTE specializes in the development of Non GMO and Organic varieties that are Locally Adapted for target procurement areas. A commitment to localize genetics ensures that we provide the proper soybeans for each grower’s area.

Through natural selection our localized genetics will provide agronomic characteristics that are designed for our growers. Our selection criterion starts with yield. In order to produce sufficient amounts of product for our conditioning and processing facilities, our producers must have high-yielding varieties. World Food Processing varieties are the leading Non-GMO or Organic varieties in the nation and compete with the best GMO varieties available worldwide. Our soybeans range from 0.9 maturity to upwards of 5.0 maturity. World Food Processing is committed to providing value-added soybeans that are designed to grow in your specific area.

A commitment to our PURIS System, we provide 99.99% Non-GMO seed to our producers allowing our producers to be sure they are maintaining the purity of the Non-GMO soybean seed. 

If you are interested in World Food Processing's Non-GMO and Organic Soybeans, please click the Producer Program Form button below and a member of the PURIS Procurement Team will contact you promptly. 


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