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Non-GMO and Organic Corn

World Food Non-GMO and 
Organic Hybrid Seed Corn

Dark green leaves, aggressive root system, high test weight grain, and drought resistant sounds too good to be true. Any one that has tried World Food “Shint Technology Hybrid Corn” becomes a true believer.

FTE Hybrid Corn Research & Development

FTE entered into corn inbred research and development with the introduction of a technology developed in the deserts of South Africa “Shint Corn.” To make a plant grow in arid conditions, the plant must have a very aggressive root system supporting an efficient plant structure. Shint Corn produces roots with an aggressive micro tubular root system combined with a short distance between ears, reducing total plant material to produce the same amount of grain. The enhanced root system is a result of producing plants that contain a high level of plant hormones, which also makes the plant want to stick multiple ears. To produce high yields in stress environments, each corn plant needs to produce an ear and two ears in low populations.  

World Food Hybrid Corn is being sold in partnership with Quality Organic Producers Cooperative (QOPC) to Organic and Non-GMO producers across the United States.

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