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World Food Processing is a United States based seed to solution supplier of non-GMO seeds, grains ingredients and food formulations. Having set out to provide Protein Independence, World Food has successfully designed a seed to solution business model leveraging and optimizing non-GMO seed development and food manufacturing processes. World Food’s products represent whole grains, ingredients and proteins from soy, pea, pulses, lentils and corn. World Food’s products are always non-GMO and offered in organic. World Food is known for it PURISPea Protein brand of pea protein isolates being the only manufacturer in the USA. Other notable ingredients are Fine Soy Powder Pearl 1000™ and PURISSoy IP non-GMO soy protein isolates and PURISSoy Hexane Free Soy Proteins.

Our capabilities are unmatched. World Food Processing uses patented non-GMO and organic plant genetics to provide a vertically integrated closed loop system of services, including seed genetics,  seed procurement,  grain conditioning,  ingredient processing and food product development. World Food’s system truly defines sustainability, bringing food security and scale in a growing non-GMO and organic food system.

Our products are fully traceable. Our PURIS system means the entire process is fully traceable – from one single seed to shelf. As food traceability becomes a growing concern with consumers, our IP program allows producers to certify the organic or non-GMO status of their products, staying ahead of industry expectation and offering the transparency consumers demand.

Our facilities are USA based and 100% non-GMO. Our operational facilities – located in Oskaloosa, Iowa; Randolph, Minnesota; and Turtle Lake, Wisconsin - are all certified organic, 100% non-GMO, Non-GMO Project Verified or compliant. All of our facilities have allergen control programs allowing them to be gluten free, dairy free and GMO free.

Our business units are extensive. Leveraging a robust supply chain and ingredient offering. World Food develops whole grains and ingredients that service and array of food manufacturing and trending ingredient space. From soybean meal and animal feed to clean label, bars, cereals and meat analogs World Food offers non-GMO & organic Protein Independence from Seed to Solution.



 "To provide protein independence with a secure, integrated supply of pure Non-GMO and Organic seeds, grains, ingredients and finished foods."


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